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Oversized, Snapbacks & LEGzz | GAL edition ・ 色々ンなデカニット ギャル版'

Long time no see! I've been somewhat busy lately and finally working on videos for the blog. I'm actually in the process of editing one now~ I just need to put everything together in a neat or tidy fashion. lol Today I'm pretty much going to tap into my inner love that has been re-awakened[LEGS!!] and/or summoned[OVERSIZED SWEATERSSSSS].Check out Hana Imai(今井華) in this cap from GalTen's newest video.

Beauty haul ・ Skin79, Estee Lauder, Make-up Forever...

Hello again~ this post is pretty late I must say, being that it is saturday and this WAS supposed to be posted on wednesday--however I got abit lazy after I lost track of days. Anyways~ I picked up a few things and have been randomly trying them out and I also got some other goodies for another hobby of mine.

VIP Gold Super Plus Beblesh Balm
Snail Nutrition BB Cream
and Super Plus Triple Functions BB Vital Cream
Picked up 3 different BB Creams online off ebay to give these babies a test run. However I really wanted to get the Hot Pink Super+, since I saw it used on another woman of color and it looked really nice, and she had mostly positive things to say about it. Maybe next time. I've already went 2 days trying the VIP Super GOLD* and so far pleased.

Red GAL inspired look ・ つけまつげ変化赤ギャルメイク

VASULY ・ ヴァシュリー '12/'13 A/W Collection

Hey there, coming back with another brand selection post from the Tokyo Fashion show. This time, I'll be talking abit about VASULY.。There really isn't much info about the brands overall concept except a comfortable and casual feel to it. Though abit bland to the normal eye of those interested in the main fashion subcultures of Japan, mose of their collections-- I would say all pieces can be used in your everyday life if you're into and not into japanese fashion. This year's winter collection caught my eye mainly because of the layering and the boom this season of pairing one-pieces w/ leggins, over sized sweaters w/scarves etc that is worn frequently among fashion bloggers in the UK, readers of the gal magazines BLENDA, Happie Nuts, JELLY etc,

Here in vasuly's A/W collection i'll run through a few in describing my appeal to this brand. Here me out on this~ you can probably find inspiration in them to incorporate into your own style-- you never know ^^

OOTD: D.I.A / Aina - EGG Inspired ・ 今日のコーデ:ダイヤ的なくろんば

Wooooo~ long time no see, just going to make a quick post on my outfit today. Pretty basic, nothing too flashy. Today was pretty chilly, but I didn't want to wear my Peacoat since I already picked out the boots and top.


I've been sort of following this brand since I was younger. Mainly because it was affordable to me at the time(even in HS) and just available unlike NYX cosmetics. Its pretty common you'll see it in most beauty supply stores whether urban or suburban-- you can find these anywhere. Since I get alot of inspo from other people who follow trends and twist them to fit their own style, and just overall want to step out of my norm with make-up, I wanted to reflect that on my face as well. You can usually get any of their products from round $1USD ~ 2.99USD depending what you're buying-- I've only used to mess with their mascara,liquid liners and trio shadows. Never really liked their lipsticks because the payoff wasn't so great, but what the heck it's only $1.

These are the more recent colors I picked up along with 1 more, #924 CORAL PINK. To my surprise when I applied these on, they were SUPER smooth and the scent was friendly: sort of like a fruit smell? So maybe they changed the formula? But I wouldnt recommend these if you're not a fan of scents. Also with the vast range of colors they have I was able to save my money and find some dupes to previously worn lip colors like Make-up forever and Kat von D--high end and the lower end department store brands like L'oreal and NYX cosmetics.

Tutorial | *SWEET* Princess Nails ・ 可愛いで姫的なネイル

Hey you guys, so I'm finally back and decided to kickstart the posting themes seeing as its a new week. I see it as a fresh start. Today I will be showing you how I created this look:

Wishlist | SHOE GAME ・ 購入予定リスト Pt.1

I usually don't do seasonal wishlists like some other bloggers do~ because I don't buy my stuff specifically for me to wear like 2months out of the year. I buy things w/conscious thought that "Hey, I want to wear this item with 10 other outfit combinations all year round." And I don;t pay alot for my clothes,shoes,make-up,hair etc usually and I feel I get the most bang for my buck and usually hate it when people try to throw in my shopping tactics to my face as if its hurting me. No. You sir and ma'am can spend thousands of dollars that isn't yours within a month(credit cards) on articles of clothing or make-up that you only use once or five times out of the whole year...and then end up having to sell it because you *need the money*. I'm really not about that life~ because I'd rather wait for clearance on a pair of $40/$60/$90 shoes and buy it for like $15 or $9 and it's lasted me for YEARS. Yes, you keep hating.

GIVEAWAY #2 Tattoed Tealady

Its been a while since I got the chance to plaster up another giveaway post. haha This one is a bit different in a sense~ that its a weekly giveaway by Tattoed Tealady up until Christmas. So every week you get a chance at different prizes for that particular week. Currently she's on her third giveaway! Aside from the giveaway~ she really has great posts about various make-up brands, give real life experiences with online shopping and reviews as a make-up lover on various products. Here is a tidbit of the rules.

indecisive decisions pt.2

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret...... I NEED NEW SHOES!!! LOL </random>

As I write these blog posts one by one(and I have ALOT more planned, just dont know when I'll actually get to them and how)I'm multitasking with alot of other things. I'm working on some clutches, some clothes, some small cosmetic bags, as well as a new layout for this blog. I had finalized a layout about a week ago~ but i went on and decided it was a NO. It was cute, but just not for me/the brand sort of. I was thinking of adapting to Pattee's method to keep me on track and to get things flowing so you all know what to expect--THEMES. For example~ a 'What I want/Wear Wednesday' i can alternate between the two, 'Make-up Monday' post make-up looks and ~attempt~ a tutorial photo or video form, 'Sneak a look Sundays' where I could either make a post of what's in my bag for that day or a Recreate the look post like I did here , and so forth.


Next up from my fashion watch inspo spree is Catherine Maladrino. First off if you're unfamiliar with Maladrino, she is a designer born in france by italian parents. Her boutiques can be found in a few sections NYC only. Her collection I'm focusing on is her RTW R/W 2012 from her Black Label title, "La Feline". Its pretty much inspired by an old style movie she loved and coined is as a woman transforming into a cat. And with that image when most people think of cats as far as fashion goes its more along the lines of~ form fitting, sexy, silhouette, fierce. It reflected in this collection~ and i'm all for sexy, vixen type looks. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

BIOTRUE ・ 新カラコン溶液やてみ

As some of you may know, I have a plethora of different color lens/circle lens-- around 17pairs to be exact. And I barely wear them, so most of the time they spend their lifespan in their lens solution and/or water(probably a nono, but HEY sometimes I get lazy to buy more solution when I'm running low.) Just recently I ran out of my other solution [last time i bought it, i bought more than one even though it comes with ample amount of product. I wanted to be ready for a long time] and I wasn't able to get some more so I was in dire need of more solution, because I was waiting on that previous kiwiberry order I made(6 MORE PAIRS!).

jessie's envy ・ 緑テーマメイク(羨)

retribution ・ 台風の後で・・・

God it feels great to be back. And now I have really alot of catching up to do. If you hadn't heard(mainly because it wasn't such international news) parts of the east coast(mainly NY,NJ,CT,PA,MD,VA,NC,etc area) had a hurricane~they named her Hurricane Sandy. The east coast~ my coast..therefore I was somewhat affected by it's aftermath, and basically my town, towns around me, other cities, as well as other states are still trying to recover from her wrath. How it trickled down in cause and effect was aggravating for many of us....


This year, I'm still transitioning my style to fit into the more basic eccentric crowd while staying true to myself as far as aesthetics go. I was taking a look for some Autumn and Winter collections by some designers I've never heard of, or just checking out my favorite brands in general. And I'll admit-- it was the aura the model(Hirari) gave in her photos that dragged me in to gaze at their works.

color trends | blackxgold ・ 黒と金色のカラートレンド

Top-left(from left to right) GUCCI Spring 2012 and Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2012/Top-right Fendi Spring 2012

You know what it is~ black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow. Need I say anything more? One of my favorite coordinate and accessory combinations has got to be BLACK and GOLD-- hands down. Without anything being said, gold and/or silver are the perfect colors in accessories to be the statement piece to any black ensemble~ high end to run of the mill fast fashion stores like Forever 21,H&M,Love Culture,etc. I think out of the many trends we see come and go in fashion this coupling will always stand strong during any season....

EYE DECO | KB1 ・ 韓国からのカラコン

It breaks my heart as I tweeted 2 days ago about Kiwiberry's 60% off sale. Why does it hurt me so when saving money is involved? Because during the beginning of September Kiwiberry was having a special 50% off sale on ALL their products, and I caved in and splurged. Each pair regularly costs around $20USD, but with the promo sale, I paid $10usd. Also combined with their ongoing promotion if you buy 5 pairs of lenses, you get the 6th FREE! I'll post up reviews one by one as I get time to do so in HQ.

SO WHICH ONES DID I GET U ASK?!!?!? .... well you might not have asked it, but I'm going to tell you anyways LOL

Liebster Award | In-The-Red nails

First off, let me say-- WOW. Okay This was thrown out from left field-- I was nominated for my first LIEBSTER AWARD. I didnt really understand what it meant until after I looked it up haha. Wow okay. This feels good. So pretty much the Liebster Award is for bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Its good for bloggers to get inspiration and for the readers to find some great blogs to read.

The rules for the Liebster Award are as follows...
  1. Post 11 fun facts about yourself.
  2. Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
  3. Choose 11 bloggers to nominate.
  4. Prepare 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Inform the lovely nominees that you have nominated them.
  6. There are no tag backs

indecisive decisions

I've been having quite the difficult time with myself and my designing abilities on this layout and content. I know I could do better, and i'm just not satisfied with this. My original layout plan was fantastic! It was different--however just couldn't be executed the way I wanted it to. So while i'm working on content to put on here I'll be yet again working on my layout. ~sigh~

I got 99 problems and a blog is all of them... LOL
So now I'm wondering, what would be a perfect look for this blog? More simplistic? minimalistic? cute? zesty? or OVER THE TOP? I really don't know considering the content I plan on putting on here will be both professional and catering to cute at the same time. decisions... decisions...

RTL Vol.1 NAUTICAL ・ 可愛いでマリン的な制服

A couple days ago on my constant daily search for ideas of new things to wear throughout the year, I revisited one of my favorite korean shopping sites LEMON COOKIE and came across this cute, school girl / nautical theme outfit the model had on. Though nautical is mostly for and seen in spring, this was part of their A/W 2012 collection~ regardless of seasons and regardless of trends, I somehow always seem to make it work in my benefit to which I am comfortable walking outside of my house and feel confident in my overall look.

me, myself, ♥ i

Today marks my frist time linking it up in the me,myself and i party. October marks their FOURTH month in hosting this link up. :) This is a great way to learn a little bit outside of blogging about the people who blogs and gives content for the readers. Also I think i'll start rolling out more fashion related and GAL posts more since I bought some batteries for my camera~ Anywhos onto the LINK UP!

GIVEAWAY #1 ThePinkTeam

breaking out of my shell

queen of the 'DAMNED'

I have such a great tale to tell you guys however I'm going to save that for another post because I need to edit my video. But needless to say~~ I feel like a Siren... a Vixen. SEXY. Like seriously.. the words are leaving my mind. Here's this sexy look I was rocking today that turned heads.

making the most of this

Wow! I can't really say it's been a while because hasn't been anything as of yet. I was working on getting everything settled and ready before I started really getting into the blogging groove. I still need to buy a few more things as well, because I start pushing out the youtube videos like I was doing before as well: Ring light for my camera, bulk of batteries, tripod, another station to setup,full length mirrors or just overall find a perfect place to take good shots with good lighting/composition and etc. I've also been doing personal projects as well as assisting others with their project builds and sites. I've really taken on a load to be quite honest.

a new beginning...

Hello everyone! Just posting this short entry , as this is the grand opening of my new blog. Here I will be doing various reviews of beauty and cosmetic items I purchase, as well as doing tutorials on various things from hair,make-up, and nails. Possibly making sales through here as well. I will be working on my designs for my collections I want to release to everyone!

                   Everything is still a bit under construction, as I am making tweaks to pages. I might jst be making slight tweaks to the banner as well~ if i'm not completely satisfied. Anyways... i've rambled abit too long here~ I think I need to continue getting to work now.