breaking out of my shell

Posted by on Monday, October 15, 2012

Long time no blog~~ somewhat. haha So sorry. I've been meaning to get this post up since like......FOREVER. Well it's finally in its finishing stages now that I've uploaded everything I needed to post this. Anyways, being so close to one of the fashion capitols of the world and the best metropolitan area on the EAST COAST, you bet I will be making strides into meeting people involved with the industry. I know a few...but NOT enough in my opinion, and its all because of my own inhibitions. lol I just--cannot really socialize with people if I have no mutual friends or somewhat acquainted with them already upon meeting them in a big social gathering, and I'm really trying to change that.

For the past few months, I've been attending these AWESOME little get networking parties at Grace Hotel by a friend of mine(middle). It takes place around every 2 weeks? and every event, theres usually someone different thats going to be featured, a talented nailist or two to deck out your fingers with some bling or a free mani. A few times there were vendors showing their products and/or clothing as well as some local designers.

This time felt abit different for me, because it was a more chill laidback vibe. This was also the first time i went by myself. haha But I was approached by these cute japanese girls when I was swimming in the pool. Turns out they were from OSAKA. Anyone who knows me well, know I love 関西人(People from kansai area). Their presence, their stye... it definitely isnt the same as people from Tokyo. Its like you can spot a person from Osaka just by the way they's really hard to explain. Anyways~ My night ended to great there at grace hotel. And I made some new friends to visit when I travel!


  1. Hi Rio! You left such a lovely comment on my blog that I had to come visit yours. I'm now following you too ^^
    We hace a similar blog name LOL Have a great week love! xx

  2. @noire
    haha YEA I KNOW!! i saw that, and i was like 'I GOTTA CHECK THAT OUT!! another noir/noire person'

  3. all dat leg, hoe damnn

  4. @amber

    nuuuu~~~~ xDD

    for the most part... my legs were covered-- when standing. lol