color trends | blackxgold ・ 黒と金色のカラートレンド

Posted by on Thursday, October 25, 2012

Top-left(from left to right) GUCCI Spring 2012 and Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2012/Top-right Fendi Spring 2012

You know what it is~ black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow. Need I say anything more? One of my favorite coordinate and accessory combinations has got to be BLACK and GOLD-- hands down. Without anything being said, gold and/or silver are the perfect colors in accessories to be the statement piece to any black ensemble~ high end to run of the mill fast fashion stores like Forever 21,H&M,Love Culture,etc. I think out of the many trends we see come and go in fashion this coupling will always stand strong during any season....

Winter time? Black knit oversize sweater, big gold chain necklace, Black liquid Leggings,Velvet black clutch and Black Ankle Bootie w/Gold buckle Accents

Spring Time? Chiffon black blouse with black bandeau bra underneath, Black high-waisted Palazzo pants w/ a gold plated belt, Leopard print(browns and black) and gold bracelets, with an all Black or Black and gold watch, topped off with some metal toe stiletto heel.

Summer Time? Black distressed and ripped vintage jean short embellished with gold studs, black cotton racer back tank top w/ leopard print screen letters/design, red tube bra, black and gold armwear, black beanie, meaning muggin with a sexy red lip.... I can go on with the possibilities

Let me introduce you to some of my faves- which probably can be easily paired with each other, or other BlackxBlack outfits.


  1. Oh gosh, those shoes are so gorgeous. And I completely agree about black and gold being a strong combo no matter what! The colour combo's perfect for nearly anything - casual, rockstar, sophisticated, whatever. :)