indecisive decisions

Posted by on Saturday, October 20, 2012

I've been having quite the difficult time with myself and my designing abilities on this layout and content. I know I could do better, and i'm just not satisfied with this. My original layout plan was fantastic! It was different--however just couldn't be executed the way I wanted it to. So while i'm working on content to put on here I'll be yet again working on my layout. ~sigh~

I got 99 problems and a blog is all of them... LOL
So now I'm wondering, what would be a perfect look for this blog? More simplistic? minimalistic? cute? zesty? or OVER THE TOP? I really don't know considering the content I plan on putting on here will be both professional and catering to cute at the same time. decisions... decisions...


  1. I honestly had to play with the look of my blog before I finally decided on a look I truly loved. So play around and change it up! It's just like playing dress up for your blog! You can also check out my blog, I am having a giveaway and the winner will win a blog template :)

    Xoxo Jessica

    ps. Found you through the #bbloggers hop! Glad to be one of your newest followers :)