RTL Vol.1 NAUTICAL ・ 可愛いでマリン的な制服

Posted by on Friday, October 19, 2012

A couple days ago on my constant daily search for ideas of new things to wear throughout the year, I revisited one of my favorite korean shopping sites LEMON COOKIE and came across this cute, school girl / nautical theme outfit the model had on. Though nautical is mostly for and seen in spring, this was part of their A/W 2012 collection~ regardless of seasons and regardless of trends, I somehow always seem to make it work in my benefit to which I am comfortable walking outside of my house and feel confident in my overall look.

So as most people know, fashion is one of my greatest passions-- and due to my size/looks, most of my younger years I've steered toward asian co-ordinations along with the HxC rocker kid look. I was pretty shifty when it came to my personal style and since then its developed into a more mature look. Although deep inside I have this burning desire to still dress *CUTE*, because my face still looks quite young(I'm still getting hit on by 18/19yr olds) and I'm still vertically challenged.

Heres the basics

And here's some of the goodies I've found to accomplish those looks.

And if you want to play around with teh basic styles and not go for nautical or sailor look at all?

Its really to play around, mix and match any of these with some cotton or woolen knee-high socks, and some Penny loafers, Lolita Mary Janes, Or any ankle bootie you see fit :)


  1. cute blog :)

    hug from germany

  2. Aw these outfits are too cute! I wish I was younger to be able to rock them LOL xx

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  4. Love the outfits!!! I nominated you for the Liebster Award :-)!!!

  5. @noire
    sometime later i'll post nautical themed looks for mature looks :) because i've already thought about that haha.

    cool! i'll check it out later ^^

    OH WOW! thanks ^^ i need to look that up~ haha