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I've been sort of following this brand since I was younger. Mainly because it was affordable to me at the time(even in HS) and just available unlike NYX cosmetics. Its pretty common you'll see it in most beauty supply stores whether urban or suburban-- you can find these anywhere. Since I get alot of inspo from other people who follow trends and twist them to fit their own style, and just overall want to step out of my norm with make-up, I wanted to reflect that on my face as well. You can usually get any of their products from round $1USD ~ 2.99USD depending what you're buying-- I've only used to mess with their mascara,liquid liners and trio shadows. Never really liked their lipsticks because the payoff wasn't so great, but what the heck it's only $1.

These are the more recent colors I picked up along with 1 more, #924 CORAL PINK. To my surprise when I applied these on, they were SUPER smooth and the scent was friendly: sort of like a fruit smell? So maybe they changed the formula? But I wouldnt recommend these if you're not a fan of scents. Also with the vast range of colors they have I was able to save my money and find some dupes to previously worn lip colors like Make-up forever and Kat von D--high end and the lower end department store brands like L'oreal and NYX cosmetics.

Tutorial | *SWEET* Princess Nails ・ 可愛いで姫的なネイル

Hey you guys, so I'm finally back and decided to kickstart the posting themes seeing as its a new week. I see it as a fresh start. Today I will be showing you how I created this look:

Wishlist | SHOE GAME ・ 購入予定リスト Pt.1

I usually don't do seasonal wishlists like some other bloggers do~ because I don't buy my stuff specifically for me to wear like 2months out of the year. I buy things w/conscious thought that "Hey, I want to wear this item with 10 other outfit combinations all year round." And I don;t pay alot for my clothes,shoes,make-up,hair etc usually and I feel I get the most bang for my buck and usually hate it when people try to throw in my shopping tactics to my face as if its hurting me. No. You sir and ma'am can spend thousands of dollars that isn't yours within a month(credit cards) on articles of clothing or make-up that you only use once or five times out of the whole year...and then end up having to sell it because you *need the money*. I'm really not about that life~ because I'd rather wait for clearance on a pair of $40/$60/$90 shoes and buy it for like $15 or $9 and it's lasted me for YEARS. Yes, you keep hating.

GIVEAWAY #2 Tattoed Tealady

Its been a while since I got the chance to plaster up another giveaway post. haha This one is a bit different in a sense~ that its a weekly giveaway by Tattoed Tealady up until Christmas. So every week you get a chance at different prizes for that particular week. Currently she's on her third giveaway! Aside from the giveaway~ she really has great posts about various make-up brands, give real life experiences with online shopping and reviews as a make-up lover on various products. Here is a tidbit of the rules.

indecisive decisions pt.2

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret...... I NEED NEW SHOES!!! LOL </random>

As I write these blog posts one by one(and I have ALOT more planned, just dont know when I'll actually get to them and how)I'm multitasking with alot of other things. I'm working on some clutches, some clothes, some small cosmetic bags, as well as a new layout for this blog. I had finalized a layout about a week ago~ but i went on and decided it was a NO. It was cute, but just not for me/the brand sort of. I was thinking of adapting to Pattee's method to keep me on track and to get things flowing so you all know what to expect--THEMES. For example~ a 'What I want/Wear Wednesday' i can alternate between the two, 'Make-up Monday' post make-up looks and ~attempt~ a tutorial photo or video form, 'Sneak a look Sundays' where I could either make a post of what's in my bag for that day or a Recreate the look post like I did here , and so forth.


Next up from my fashion watch inspo spree is Catherine Maladrino. First off if you're unfamiliar with Maladrino, she is a designer born in france by italian parents. Her boutiques can be found in a few sections NYC only. Her collection I'm focusing on is her RTW R/W 2012 from her Black Label title, "La Feline". Its pretty much inspired by an old style movie she loved and coined is as a woman transforming into a cat. And with that image when most people think of cats as far as fashion goes its more along the lines of~ form fitting, sexy, silhouette, fierce. It reflected in this collection~ and i'm all for sexy, vixen type looks. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

BIOTRUE ・ 新カラコン溶液やてみ

As some of you may know, I have a plethora of different color lens/circle lens-- around 17pairs to be exact. And I barely wear them, so most of the time they spend their lifespan in their lens solution and/or water(probably a nono, but HEY sometimes I get lazy to buy more solution when I'm running low.) Just recently I ran out of my other solution [last time i bought it, i bought more than one even though it comes with ample amount of product. I wanted to be ready for a long time] and I wasn't able to get some more so I was in dire need of more solution, because I was waiting on that previous kiwiberry order I made(6 MORE PAIRS!).

jessie's envy ・ 緑テーマメイク(羨)

retribution ・ 台風の後で・・・

God it feels great to be back. And now I have really alot of catching up to do. If you hadn't heard(mainly because it wasn't such international news) parts of the east coast(mainly NY,NJ,CT,PA,MD,VA,NC,etc area) had a hurricane~they named her Hurricane Sandy. The east coast~ my coast..therefore I was somewhat affected by it's aftermath, and basically my town, towns around me, other cities, as well as other states are still trying to recover from her wrath. How it trickled down in cause and effect was aggravating for many of us....