BIOTRUE ・ 新カラコン溶液やてみ

Posted by on Monday, November 12, 2012

As some of you may know, I have a plethora of different color lens/circle lens-- around 17pairs to be exact. And I barely wear them, so most of the time they spend their lifespan in their lens solution and/or water(probably a nono, but HEY sometimes I get lazy to buy more solution when I'm running low.) Just recently I ran out of my other solution [last time i bought it, i bought more than one even though it comes with ample amount of product. I wanted to be ready for a long time] and I wasn't able to get some more so I was in dire need of more solution, because I was waiting on that previous kiwiberry order I made(6 MORE PAIRS!).

So last month, my savior came to me, and showed me the way to trying something new. BAUSCH + LOMB Biotrue multi-purpose solution. I was able to snag myself a sample and it arrived last friday. By this time... my newer lenses have been sitting in some solution and some water (cries). Fortunately... I'm not blind, because i had some cases with clean solution in them to set them in for abit before I put them in my eye.
Look at that bad boy!... this was just a FREE sample(4 FL.OZ 118mil). I couldn't believe it. I'm like... did they... give me a fullsize? Because it's about the same size of the ReNU and this purple/white one I usually get. The challenge is to test it for a week, but knowing me, this could last almost up until it's expiration date 06/2014. Apparently this solution unlike other multipurpose solutions operates itself similar to our eyes do to lenses
  • Works like your eyes
  • pH balanced to match healthy tears
  • cleans and fights germs
Although most solutions are supposed to clean and fight against germs/bacteria in your eyes. What caught my attention was the face that that made it to cater to the biology of our own eyes. It does the work our eyes would do when we put the lenses on while its in the case.

Now the question is.... which one of my lenses will get the pleasure to give it a test run for a week? hmmm


  1. duh fuqq do you need all those lens for?#imslightlyjealous lol
    do you ever feel like you don't get the full use out of all of them?

  2. @miyabi
    I was all through collecting them. I get use out of alot of them actually. Usually i base my make-up look off of my lenses.

  3. I love Biotrue.. I can't get any other brand of solution now. The only thing that sucks is that it's so expensive... the most expensive brand in the store. bloo

  4. Hope the product works for you love, and that hello kitty case is too cute!!! Green with envy LOL
    I never used contacts, it freaks me out to touch my eyeballs hahaha I have Photoshop so I could just change my eye colour without all the fuzz ^^ xx

  5. @Amani
    About how big and how much are the regular sizes?

    Haha those cases were free!! with my lens purchases