indecisive decisions pt.2

Posted by on Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret...... I NEED NEW SHOES!!! LOL </random>

As I write these blog posts one by one(and I have ALOT more planned, just dont know when I'll actually get to them and how)I'm multitasking with alot of other things. I'm working on some clutches, some clothes, some small cosmetic bags, as well as a new layout for this blog. I had finalized a layout about a week ago~ but i went on and decided it was a NO. It was cute, but just not for me/the brand sort of. I was thinking of adapting to Pattee's method to keep me on track and to get things flowing so you all know what to expect--THEMES. For example~ a 'What I want/Wear Wednesday' i can alternate between the two, 'Make-up Monday' post make-up looks and ~attempt~ a tutorial photo or video form, 'Sneak a look Sundays' where I could either make a post of what's in my bag for that day or a Recreate the look post like I did here , and so forth.

Anyways, with all that into gear, I also have some problems brewing. PHEW. k. I have alot of packages of things that i ordered and requested for, and I already paid for them ofc in confidence that I would actually get my stuff on time or atleast in that window of expected delivery. NOPE. The post office or someone wants to play games with me... and I'm really not in the mood--for I am crunching alot of activities into my life right now:

  1. One being a big International Lolita Day Tea Party in the beginning of December that my friend Amani is planning. I'm not a full fledged lolita, but I want to be the kawaii desu too. *tears* So I have to pretty much build up *A* outfit from scratch which shouldnt be hard but is gonna cost at LEAST $110 just for around 2 articles of clothing(and if anyone knows me well, they know as cheap as HELL! when it comes to clothes~ i could make 3 full outfits with that 110 and it'll last me for YEARS), but I don't like certain things on me too be *too much*-- too matchy, too much of 1 type of print, too many prints in one where it looks like a huge clusterfuck of kyarypamyupamyu vomit all over me.
  2. Secondly, an acquaintance from Japan is coming over this coming week, and I opted to be her mini guide to get the things she wants-clothes,accessories,make-up and such. So I need to crunch in more money for that.
  3. Third, around the same time an old schoolmate of mine needs sizing and help to buy from online asian shops~ because she wanted some cute coats that arent sold around here.
  4. On top of that Amani, might just be needing to get her nails done~ which i'll be doing-- HOWEVER my package with the art goods in it is lost somewhere in nomads land somehow for like 4 days(its 4 days late now outside of expected arrival day.)
  5. Finally, I have to handle some business with the school I'm enrolled in to make sure everything is set for the next quarter so I wont have ANY problems this time around. They've been fucking me over so many times~le excuse my french~ and it's really been turning me off about going in general.


  1. Aww, Rio, you can do it! Lolita is sooo expensive /tear which is probably why I never could get into it. xD

    But for your Japanese friend, why do you need to spend money? o: Just show her around and help her find things to buy but don't spend on anything! :D Unless... you know... transportation and stuff. ^^;

    (And omg my link is up on your sidebar! <3 /dies)

  2. @Pattee
    Exactly lol transportation. Haha Not only that, becaus I'll be starting from morning(when she arrives) we might get hungry, and I also might see something I like. So its better to have some cash handy just in case rather than without. Also VS is doing their secret reward cards for minimum of $10 spent~ hahaha so I could get a card back worth 10,50,100, or even 500! thats pretty good if you ask me.

    And yea I put it up last week ^^ though, this layout might change soon so~ your button will look completely different no too long from now.

  3. Good luck man. Its awesome to have it written down and planned problem is procrastination and at times unexpected events that ruins my mood. If only we can plan for that.

  4. I hear ya sister! LOL I've been waiting for a package since July and it only arrived a few days ago : / My local post office sucks!
    Can't wait to read those posts you have planned love.
    Have a great day xx