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Posted by on Monday, November 5, 2012

God it feels great to be back. And now I have really alot of catching up to do. If you hadn't heard(mainly because it wasn't such international news) parts of the east coast(mainly NY,NJ,CT,PA,MD,VA,NC,etc area) had a hurricane~they named her Hurricane Sandy. The east coast~ my coast..therefore I was somewhat affected by it's aftermath, and basically my town, towns around me, other cities, as well as other states are still trying to recover from her wrath. How it trickled down in cause and effect was aggravating for many of us....

There's currently a gas shortage.
Lack of goods/products in many supermarkets.
Some lost power
Some lost their homes
Some lost their businesses
Some lost their moral
and some others lost their lives.
If I'm not mistaken New Jersey got hit the worst and had the highest death toll--especially the shoreline. The amount of damage near the shore is pretty much astronomical... and whats left of whatever that's there? Well... you can see for yourselves.

Aerial Video: Parts of Highway 12 along the Outer Banks in North Carolina have washed away, others covered in sand and water.

Superstorm Sandy: Northeast reeling, but struggling back to life


  1. Nature sure is cashing all those checks we wrote no? Those images are heartbreaking. I'm so glad to have you back love! Hope you and your loved ones are all ok. Big hug and kiss xx

  2. Ugh! THat's terrible. Glad you are safe and sound.

    New follower and fellow blogger, would appreciate a FB like??


  3. It is horrid! We've gone through hurricanes, gas shortages, food shortages, etc.... Nothing prepares you for what really happens when it nature devastates an area.

    I found you and am following via GFC.
    Hope you will FB.