Tutorial | *SWEET* Princess Nails ・ 可愛いで姫的なネイル

Posted by on Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hey you guys, so I'm finally back and decided to kickstart the posting themes seeing as its a new week. I see it as a fresh start. Today I will be showing you how I created this look:

Heres what I used
KLEANCOLOR Nail Laquier in
#29 Aurora(light pink) & #30 Pinky Moon(dark pink)
NICKA K Nail Enamel in
#008 Lavender Sachet(light pink/purple reflector) & #010 Sweet Sensation(pink)
Nutra Nail Nail Hardener(Clear)
Mixed Pearl Wheel
1mm & 1.5mm Mixed Rhinestones Wheel
use light pink,magenta, and clear
Dekoden Sheet
and Some small mixed Baby Shower confetti items

 First, pick a clear nail tip of your choice.
(If you're doing this on your natural nail, don't worry about this step)

Next apply your light color as the base. Don't worry about it being extremely neat, you'll see why soon enough
次、 ベースとして軽いピンク色を適用して

Then pick up your nail buffing block and apply the pink and the lighter pink color on it. Dab the darkest color from the bottom up halfway, and the lighter color from the top to the bottom halfway down, mixing the 2 colors in the middle.
バフ・ブロックの端に、最も暗い色を載せますす~2度塗りすること。爪の先端にピンク色のマニキュア、ブロックの先端を配置して準備します。 ポンポンと叩きます・・・
 Re-apply the colors over the dabbed parts. Only 2 coats needed.
Cure the nail under a UV Lamp for about 3minutes, so it can harden.

Take it out and apply the light pink glitter polish over the light pink color only.

And the same with the dark pink color

Blend the dark pink and go over the light pink with it

Because the formula for these nail laquiers, it feels like jelly if i let it dry on it own--
so cure it to harden and set it.

Now lets work on the most important finger. Start off by applying thepink polish over the whole nail.

With a gel brush tap some glitter on the edge of the nail. First the silver, then pink. Repeat 2 times.

Apply the light pink over the glitter

Then cure it again.

Grab a bow rhinestone or frabric ribbon,bear,heart,etc, use with clear nail hardener to place it in the middle of the nail

Pick up randomly any pearl (smaller than whats one your statement piece) place it under the ribbon, and make make a curved trail from the pearl to the side end of the nail.

 Moving onto the thumb, choose a bulky size heart rhinestone--not too big place it in the middle to be a guide. Then continue placing random pearls and rhinestones in a curved shape trail from upper left to bottom right of the nail. Decorate the rest of the nails as so...

 Re-apply your final topcoat and cure... AND YOU'RE DONE!