Wishlist | SHOE GAME ・ 購入予定リスト Pt.1

Posted by on Saturday, November 24, 2012

I usually don't do seasonal wishlists like some other bloggers do~ because I don't buy my stuff specifically for me to wear like 2months out of the year. I buy things w/conscious thought that "Hey, I want to wear this item with 10 other outfit combinations all year round." And I don;t pay alot for my clothes,shoes,make-up,hair etc usually and I feel I get the most bang for my buck and usually hate it when people try to throw in my shopping tactics to my face as if its hurting me. No. You sir and ma'am can spend thousands of dollars that isn't yours within a month(credit cards) on articles of clothing or make-up that you only use once or five times out of the whole year...and then end up having to sell it because you *need the money*. I'm really not about that life~ because I'd rather wait for clearance on a pair of $40/$60/$90 shoes and buy it for like $15 or $9 and it's lasted me for YEARS. Yes, you keep hating.

Anyways, with my style changing continuously or evolving, I find myself wanting to replace the stuff i have because its time for them to go~ or simply because they don't fit my style anymore. So I've been doing batch wishlist and inspiration hunting for a LONG time. I have an album on my facebook dedicated to that as well. Here are some of my favs so far. (mostly black, because black goes with EVERYTHING!! ><)


  1. All of those shoes are sooo amazing! *u* I don't do seasonal wishlists either, mostly because I almost always buy things on sale. Plus I'm bad at dressing to suit the season (Weather, don't make my style bend to your will D:< )

  2. lolol yup~ and usually my body temp makes the weather feel  like 15-20F+ more than it actually is these days.