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Bond's Girl

Oversized, Snapbacks & LEGzz | GAL edition ・ 色々ンなデカニット ギャル版'

Long time no see! I've been somewhat busy lately and finally working on videos for the blog. I'm actually in the process of editing one now~ I just need to put everything together in a neat or tidy fashion. lol Today I'm pretty much going to tap into my inner love that has been re-awakened[LEGS!!] and/or summoned[OVERSIZED SWEATERSSSSS].Check out Hana Imai(今井華) in this cap from GalTen's newest video.

Beauty haul ・ Skin79, Estee Lauder, Make-up Forever...

Hello again~ this post is pretty late I must say, being that it is saturday and this WAS supposed to be posted on wednesday--however I got abit lazy after I lost track of days. Anyways~ I picked up a few things and have been randomly trying them out and I also got some other goodies for another hobby of mine.

VIP Gold Super Plus Beblesh Balm
Snail Nutrition BB Cream
and Super Plus Triple Functions BB Vital Cream
Picked up 3 different BB Creams online off ebay to give these babies a test run. However I really wanted to get the Hot Pink Super+, since I saw it used on another woman of color and it looked really nice, and she had mostly positive things to say about it. Maybe next time. I've already went 2 days trying the VIP Super GOLD* and so far pleased.

Red GAL inspired look ・ つけまつげ変化赤ギャルメイク

VASULY ・ ヴァシュリー '12/'13 A/W Collection

Hey there, coming back with another brand selection post from the Tokyo Fashion show. This time, I'll be talking abit about VASULY.。There really isn't much info about the brands overall concept except a comfortable and casual feel to it. Though abit bland to the normal eye of those interested in the main fashion subcultures of Japan, mose of their collections-- I would say all pieces can be used in your everyday life if you're into and not into japanese fashion. This year's winter collection caught my eye mainly because of the layering and the boom this season of pairing one-pieces w/ leggins, over sized sweaters w/scarves etc that is worn frequently among fashion bloggers in the UK, readers of the gal magazines BLENDA, Happie Nuts, JELLY etc,

Here in vasuly's A/W collection i'll run through a few in describing my appeal to this brand. Here me out on this~ you can probably find inspiration in them to incorporate into your own style-- you never know ^^

OOTD: D.I.A / Aina - EGG Inspired ・ 今日のコーデ:ダイヤ的なくろんば

Wooooo~ long time no see, just going to make a quick post on my outfit today. Pretty basic, nothing too flashy. Today was pretty chilly, but I didn't want to wear my Peacoat since I already picked out the boots and top.