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Posted by on Monday, December 24, 2012

Back again~ with another make-up monday. Being that i'm heavily into using these dark lipsticks and just dark eyelooks over all, this look was pretty much inspired by Bérénice Marlohe in particular~ this lovely young lady from Skyfall.

The original look was more tight lined and not so much blending throughout the lid as the top image. The top image is pictures i took from the tutorial(which will be uploaded tomorrow) I did for it, so it looks different than the first time i did it. Here's what I used...
EOS SESAME Grey / Bambi
L.A. Colors
3 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Sunflower
12 Color Eyeshadow palette in Traditional
M.A.C Quad in Tempt Me
NYX Cosmetics blusher in Red
Nicka K
Lip stick in both amethyst and Burgundy
Lip liner pencil in red

Here's the original look i did initially~

Compared to the one i did for the tutorial~ i covered more lid with black and blended browns


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