OOTD: D.I.A / Aina - EGG Inspired ・ 今日のコーデ:ダイヤ的なくろんば

Posted by on Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wooooo~ long time no see, just going to make a quick post on my outfit today. Pretty basic, nothing too flashy. Today was pretty chilly, but I didn't want to wear my Peacoat since I already picked out the boots and top.

My top worn, is the same top in this photo from  this online japanese stop called Allure~ however when I bought it, it was advertised as korean fashion. LOL I have both the brown and grey one.

Paired it up with my DIY~ bootleg d.i.a., inspired belt w/ 15' Faux Fox Tail chain clipped onto my Skull belt chain-- in this fashion: With one or two more chains attached to it onto a stretched waist belt.

And wore my OTK Leather Black Boots w/ silver stud or lace-up hooks to complete my look for the night.

Incidentally, my overall ended up looking like this~ just with more flair.

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