Red GAL inspired look ・ つけまつげ変化赤ギャルメイク

Posted by on Monday, December 10, 2012

Quick make-up post. I've been trying to get inspired to step out of my box some more and utilize more colors other than the warm nudes from my L.A. Colors eyeshadow palette as well as use more lashes! So I have been taking requests off of a make-up site to get some practice in. To make it a flexible look~ I did 1 without false lashes at all, 1 with only top lashes, and 1 with both top and bottom lashes.

Aside from that, I picked these up off ebay, I think these were literally the best purchase I've made as far as beauty items go.

The ones on the left were about $2usd~ bottom lashes and the ones on the right $1usd top lashes. They look close to gaudy drag queen lashes, but they were pretty tame and laid nicely against my eye line. Also they were REALLY SOFT!

Heres the make-up used for the look:

Circle lens Burn pink
MAC 's discontinued and rare 'Tempt Me' quad
Jessie Girl Cosmetic Pure Pigement Eye Dust in #0586
NYX Cosmetics Blush in Red
KORRES Mascara
Ruby Kisses Liquid Black Liner
Some normal black pencil liners as well..
L.A. Colors
12 color eyeshadow palette in Traditional (as a base and highlight)
Lip Liner Pencil in Forever Red

Without any lashes~ natural lashes つけま無し

Top lash only natural bottom lashes 上つけまのみ

Both top and bottom lashes 上下つけま

Decided to not jus have a full bare face and used lip liner on my lips~


  1. Oooh I really like this. The colour is really pretty. I'm one of those 'rainbow' eyes girls so I like wearing colour but I've never really worn much pinkie colours. But it looks stunning on you, so I may have to rock this! Fab post.

  2. Is their a color that does not look good on you? The Pink lenses look so good on your skin color~ I feel like Pink really does flatter dark skinned girls and I wish more black gals would try it~ I also love the bottom lashes here! Ebay FTW

  3. don't forget to show us your two tones wig if you buy it :D !!!!   

    really nice make up :o ! 

  4. Georgina Castellucci12 December, 2012

    Love your blog! Found you from the Wednesday link-up and am definitely following now :)
    Have a great day!

    xo Georgina at: 

  5.  I used to be that way when I was younger~ from some reason I strayed away from it as I got older. haha I think it was because I started wearing less color and more just blacks and white. But I'm slowly getting back into the colors galore! haha


  6.  I think... most lenses look good on ANYONE! as long as make-up is done around it to emphasize or bring more focus to the eyes and make it pleasing :) I Think these look good because of the black ring around it... black rings usually call for heavy black lining to make it look good. However pink lenses no black ring bare would look weird and costumey i guess..

    We should wear all the colors!! turqoise,greens,pinks,golds,etc

  7.  Oh i will!! haha  Thanks :)

  8. Thank you for dropping by!! I'll go take a look at yours now~!

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