VASULY ・ ヴァシュリー '12/'13 A/W Collection

Posted by on Friday, December 7, 2012

Hey there, coming back with another brand selection post from the Tokyo Fashion show. This time, I'll be talking abit about VASULY.。There really isn't much info about the brands overall concept except a comfortable and casual feel to it. Though abit bland to the normal eye of those interested in the main fashion subcultures of Japan, mose of their collections-- I would say all pieces can be used in your everyday life if you're into and not into japanese fashion. This year's winter collection caught my eye mainly because of the layering and the boom this season of pairing one-pieces w/ leggins, over sized sweaters w/scarves etc that is worn frequently among fashion bloggers in the UK, readers of the gal magazines BLENDA, Happie Nuts, JELLY etc,

Here in vasuly's A/W collection i'll run through a few in describing my appeal to this brand. Here me out on this~ you can probably find inspiration in them to incorporate into your own style-- you never know ^^

Model Wearing:
Square checkered shirt with a black base
Fur collar muffler
Basic leggins with studs

Don't ask me why~ the fur muffler may be a put off for some of you, but i thought it was really cute for the winter~ I however would wear a long cardigan over the shirt to bring everything together.
 Model Wearing:
Reversible snow print coat

Twisted one-piece
Boder fur leggins in grey

The fur on the leggins with those pumps I thought were SOOO CUTE!!! The colors Red x Gray are quite abnormal too so maybe thats another reason why I took a liking to it. I would do w/o the coat taking consideration of having a large bust.
 Model Wearing:
Two Colors Tank one-piece
Western checkered shirt

Boder fur leggins in black
I was trying to cop a few flannel like tops over the summer~ because I really liked the casual tomboy girly look alot of the magazines were displaying.
ex.Rexblk top, with a white shirt under neath, basic distressed shorts or jeans, d.i.a belt, and some nice boots. ~sigh~
 Model Wearing:
Sidedraped checkered one piece

Boder fur leggins
Grey scarf
 Model Wearing:
Mods Raincoat
Sleeveless Checkered one-piece
Now this one~ i got the feel of a Lax'd casual chic. I'm used to seeing those kinda of jackets military style~green worn with denim bottoms and plain white top and engineer boots or plats[also depending on what scene you follow]. I'd actually rock this~ with more studded accessories or  articles of clothing ofc.
 Model Wearing
Backshort top
Two colors long sleeve one-piece

Again~ comfortable yet in a sense stylish coordinate. I'd wear this as is~ just with a peacoat and another color scarf.

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