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Picking up the pieces

Oh wow~ it's been too long since I've updated this blog. I'm not quite giving it up completely yet, I jut need to get my shiz-NA-E together. I also haven done ETR(estimated time of revamp) or just overall comeback posts simply because if I started, it would've been overwhelming for both myself and you--the readers. I will say this a few things have happened and will happen though around the end of SEPTEMBER....

Things that have happened

  • Over the summer my sense of style has yet again shifted/evolved
  • Tons of new products received, bought and used-- i took pics just in case for reviews.
  • My twitter account associated with this blog has changed. Click here -> *FOLLOW ME*
  • Classes started back up again for me since the summer.
  • I decided to let go of the past ideas I planned for this blog,and focus on the *NEW* 
Things that have to happen
  • Time management--i've simply become busy with other things, so I can't blog full time while i'm full timing other things as well.
  • Change in look and layout for the blog
  • NETWORK,NETWORK,NETWORK... I don't want my time an energy spent be in vain. I want this blog/brand to grow :)

Spring Color Trends Pt2 + 100 Followers

Long time no see~ alot has happened since my last post to the point where I got sidetracked from doing this post even though I had everything ready. However before I get into the shenanigans that is he main point of this blog, I would like to point out I've reached 100 followers! I've been thinking to myself for a while, even in the beginning of whether or not I should do a giveaway if I reach 100 or a giveaway to push through 100...well reaching 100 has already happened and I definitely want to be doing a giveaway in between 100 and 200 followers. Thanks everyone who hve been stalking my blog via bookmarks,google accounts,GFC,and bloglovin or tumblr!! Anywho, onto the post!


In my ongoing experimenting with make-up companies,colors,and themes I've been pretty faithful to a brand like some are to MAC. I have no doubt in the quality,especially for the price. My love for their lipsticks will never fade as well as the jumbo pencils. So one day, I had a few more dollars to splurge into make-up as I see fit, and bought a handful of NYX Cosmetics items.

Spring Trends: Primary Colors ・ 2013年の春トレンド: PANTONE

In this post i'm pretty much going to be touching on overall spring color trends and staple pieces to look out for. And not just focusing on the pastels or neon' either-- but the PRIMARY or basic colors everyone seems to overlook seeing as these aren't typically 'springlike' colors.

To inspire those with different taste and styles, i tried to look out for coordinates in GAL magazines,shop look books and picked out a few things from fashion shows, and even made random color themed collages I would wear or consider wearing, so you guys can get an idea of things to pick and choose from.

Ruby Kisses and Gold Accentes

Hello again! It hasn't been that long since my last haul post~ but its been a while since my last LEGIT haul only post without talking about things I'm looking forward to buying.

In the past few weeks I've consumed more than ever-- i think. I've bought more lipsticks(AGAIN), finally going to try out gel liner for the first time in my life, picked up some more eyeshadow palettes, and making some lovely clothing purchases. These items vary from in-store purchases which you can probably get from your local beauty supply store, or for some, in a department store/drug store. A few other things I spotted online and bought~ or I saved out on buying them from online because i SPOTTED them in store for less. Neat huh? Enough rambling, here are some of my pick-up items...

noir ・ 黒

Good afternoon! This post will be fairly a doosie for me to make, because i'll try to limit any long winded excerpts or paragraphs. It's been a week and some change since my last post. I've been putting together the images for this post and more. Pretty much the theme of this post will be dark looks~ not all black, but things that definitely doesn't give off the ~cutesy girl~ vibe-- grungy, sophisticated woman, comfortable,edgy, or gaudy.

Around the end of January a friend of mine was coming back to the US to visit. I was bored and wanted to do my nails since i had been holding out on ding them since last year. The set was pretty badass for my limited amount of metal parts and what not.

Winter trends die hard...こんなの服買いたいんだけど・・

During my downtime I really wasn't able to blog about the things I wanted to blog most and Spring is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Alot of brands I've discovered to be inspiration into revamping and refining my look, Non-japanese 2012/13 A/W Collections with potential for females into Gyaru fashion, good fashion topics on how to dress up or dress down key staple items in a wardrobe depending on your style,etc. A few BIG reasons why too..

Time management-- I need to work on this more. I setup a system,which I thought would be really great and not too much on me, however, my online dedication to posting something versus trying to get things done offline has not so much of a great value.
Consistency-- This also fell under my time management, but the main culprit in myself was lazyness. Not going to lie, I wanted to buy more supplies,record tutorial videos,go hang out more so than actually editing and posting the material I gathered.

Getting ready for spring...・ 春の前にイメチェンジの準備

Long time no see~! I haven't been making many posts lately, simply for the fact that I've been abit lazy about it. I've gotten so wrapped up into IRL things,making some plans, and resisting online shopping >< that I simply didn't want to blog the things i had planned to blog. Anyways, now that I have some spare leisure time, being it's cold and I've done enough window shopping(for the moment), I wanted to share some of my recent/not so recent buys as well as future purchases to get myself ready for my spring wardrobe...

News,Nail art and New Shyt ・ 情報、ネイルデコ、や新アイテム、

Hello everyone and...

Its been a while since I posted. I've been somewhat enjoying the better things in life too much to update-- indulging in shopping,family,food,friends and great scenery. haha Also I'm still working on the new design for this blog even though I said it should've been up by now, I'm just really picky and I'm not feeling alot of the designs i have to go with the ideas I've envisioned enough yet... so it's been put to the side abit. Also... I was finally able to overcome 1 struggle which have been deterring me from doing the layout as well-- YOUTUBE and EDITING VIDEOS!! Like seriously~ that has been on my #1 *excusemyfrenchshitlist excusemyfrench*so far~ was trying to record or edit my recordings...but I finally found a cure! haha and I uploaded my first video on my new channel ~ TheDiaBLACK . SO PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND SUBSCRIBE!! I'll be trying to update it as much as possible now. And here it is...visual tutorial since I was too aggravated getting used to the new controls and GUI[lol] of the program I'm using now to do a voice over on this one on my previous post here...