Getting ready for spring...・ 春の前にイメチェンジの準備

Posted by on Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Long time no see~! I haven't been making many posts lately, simply for the fact that I've been abit lazy about it. I've gotten so wrapped up into IRL things,making some plans, and resisting online shopping >< that I simply didn't want to blog the things i had planned to blog. Anyways, now that I have some spare leisure time, being it's cold and I've done enough window shopping(for the moment), I wanted to share some of my recent/not so recent buys as well as future purchases to get myself ready for my spring wardrobe...

I picked up some more nail colors to force myself to get into more colors this year. If i stray away from doing black nails~ my clothes and make-up will follow suit.

 Kleancolor Nail Laquier in MILITARY GREEN & CHARCOAL

Kleancolor Nail Laquier in MANGO & SHEER PASTEL COCOA

NYX Cosmetics Eyeliner in

Purple & Electric Blue

My main reason for picking up those were to be my base for some crazy lipstick colors I was going to experiment with in the summer/spring. Inspiration from KA'OIR, OCC Lip Tars,Lime Crime,etc. Unusual lipcolors have been my new boom... it's a really bad addiction I think~ but it'll look so good if i actually put effort into the full face look. This was just a test to get a feel for it.

After this i plan on getting a vibrant neon pink,coral,white[to mix colors], some more shades and tints of purple and blues, and god knows some candy like colors...

I was also playing around with matching colors on my brow too. Funky huh?

  Lashes, lashes, and MORE LASHES!!!! lol


Creme blushes~ soft pinks, some muaves, and bronzing type colors

..and of course... MORE LIPSTICKS!


  1. The blue looks really cute on you!

  2. wannabeempress23 January, 2013

    So much colourrr!!! That blue lipstick really suits you. :D More lashes = always goooood

  3. You can never have too many lipsticks and false lashes! Love the blue on you~ I can never seem to pull off blue makeup X'3

  4. haha i know~!! i need more variety as far as color goes this year. i have so much black... its getting out of hand :O

  5. thanks girl~♥

  6. ;o; i'm beginning to feel the same way~~~~its a really bad addiction i find myself fighting against more often now. lolol

    also, i think alot of people will agree-- blue loves lovely on women w/brown skin. i guess if its done in a way....where it isnt too much? or even if its alot, if u can pull it all together where it doesnt seem like its everywhere it can work out well!! alot of black beauty enthusiasts and gurus do looks with blue on youtube~!