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Posted by on Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello everyone and...

Its been a while since I posted. I've been somewhat enjoying the better things in life too much to update-- indulging in shopping,family,food,friends and great scenery. haha Also I'm still working on the new design for this blog even though I said it should've been up by now, I'm just really picky and I'm not feeling alot of the designs i have to go with the ideas I've envisioned enough yet... so it's been put to the side abit. Also... I was finally able to overcome 1 struggle which have been deterring me from doing the layout as well-- YOUTUBE and EDITING VIDEOS!! Like seriously~ that has been on my #1 *excusemyfrenchshitlist excusemyfrench*so far~ was trying to record or edit my recordings...but I finally found a cure! haha and I uploaded my first video on my new channel ~ TheDiaBLACK . SO PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND SUBSCRIBE!! I'll be trying to update it as much as possible now. And here it is...visual tutorial since I was too aggravated getting used to the new controls and GUI[lol] of the program I'm using now to do a voice over on this one on my previous post here...

So i'll keep this short and post some of the new stuff i got. Since my last post up until TODAY actually, I've gotten really great goods. Some things to play around in, and others to just have because i felt like i *needed* them. Onto the purchases....
First up... some nail supplies and lacquers. I know you've seen me use Kleancolor brand of polish before. They're honestly, one of the best polishes i've used on my nails~ their packaging is great, the colors are too. And I always have a hard time just going into the store and trying to figure out which colors I want to purchase even though I KNOW what colors I need~ which are browns, lighter blues, varieties of pastels and matte colors,etc. So when i went out today I did just that. Starting off slow...

BEAUTY~ Nail Art Supplies

155 Chunky Copper & 186 Go Bunny

58 Espresso & 52 Dark Brown

ext~ a few nail art supplies. I'm also going to be slowly collecting/buying more foils, charms,cabochons, motifs, cameo, ribbons, lollipops,blinged out animals,metal parts and what not... but again, i'm starting small with the things i don't have at all
I wanted to order more, but I felt like I was going to pay too much for something that might not have lived up to its potential~ so i settled for getting the 2 in my top favs. I love that graffiti looks, and collage~brush stroke text.

Clothing~ Shoes

Here are the wearables~ I was not able to get better quality pics of the other items because my camera's battery died. So webcam shots were taken on the wall...
Here are some BONGO leggings i picked up for $10~ well they were on sale, so I only paid $6. LOVELY. I would go back to get the other similarly printe items I wanted...but I don't really need to buy them now--maybe some other time after I give away some more clothing come this spring. lol

Very cute and sleek looking cardigans. I'm so glad i'm venturing into colors other than  all black. This is refreshing to wear.
 Blazer~ which i ADORE!.. It has brown striped lining inside, and it very long~like I like my blazers to be now.
Much needed long black cardigan~ for sailor, school girl, or preppy looks..

I had bought another pair~ some gladiator type heels by Lady Godiva... but I returned them for the sake of  just waiting, because i'm sure there will be cuter things to fit my taste as soon as the warmer season come along.

Anywhos... thats all for now :) until next time!


  1. wannabeempress03 January, 2013

    I looooove your new stuff! And I followed your YouTube channel :) You're so pretty! And I love your editing *u* All those sparkles!

  2.  haha aww thank you love xD

  3. miyabi lemon03 January, 2013

    ommmmmmmmmmmg love all youre new shizz imma rob you one day 

  4.  lets try.... not to be ratchet if u ever come over. kthx LMAO... lets try not to be a certain someone *cougharicough* and be civilized here.