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Posted by on Sunday, February 17, 2013

Good afternoon! This post will be fairly a doosie for me to make, because i'll try to limit any long winded excerpts or paragraphs. It's been a week and some change since my last post. I've been putting together the images for this post and more. Pretty much the theme of this post will be dark looks~ not all black, but things that definitely doesn't give off the ~cutesy girl~ vibe-- grungy, sophisticated woman, comfortable,edgy, or gaudy.

Around the end of January a friend of mine was coming back to the US to visit. I was bored and wanted to do my nails since i had been holding out on ding them since last year. The set was pretty badass for my limited amount of metal parts and what not.

This set I did w/o acrylic or UV Gel and combined 2 tips as one(you can watch Pin's video on how to do that here). I also used a combination of my new Charcoal nail laquer by Kleancolor and cut up the nail seal in my New Years post. Each nail had a different design, but overall same color scheme~ Black,Charcoal,Silver, and Glitter.

Here are a few darker looks you could shoot for in the springtime.

A coordinate by Hellcat Punks
with what WAS their newly released faux leather jackets at the time
Black leather jacket
Hot Pink or Red Hoodie
Print T
Leopard print skirt

*can easily be paired with or without engineer boots,thigh high boots w/ studs,suspender tights,shredded leggins,creepers, doc martins,etc
Clippings from the japanese magazine BLENDA
Creme and black sleeved cardigan
White top
Creme shorts
Gladiator or open toe slingback ankle booties

An all black unisex rock sort of coordinate
Destroyed/distressed pant
Black shredded shoulder hoodie
Printed halter
Silver accessories
Black boots with silver studs/accents
A more lightweight~or rather femme approach to a rock gal coord
Loose cutout top w/ halter
Layered skirt

A few looks from Nasty Gal or Motel Rocks[?]
I chose these 3 out of 12 looks of an uncredited I could be mistaken.

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