Ruby Kisses and Gold Accentes

Posted by on Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello again! It hasn't been that long since my last haul post~ but its been a while since my last LEGIT haul only post without talking about things I'm looking forward to buying.

In the past few weeks I've consumed more than ever-- i think. I've bought more lipsticks(AGAIN), finally going to try out gel liner for the first time in my life, picked up some more eyeshadow palettes, and making some lovely clothing purchases. These items vary from in-store purchases which you can probably get from your local beauty supply store, or for some, in a department store/drug store. A few other things I spotted online and bought~ or I saved out on buying them from online because i SPOTTED them in store for less. Neat huh? Enough rambling, here are some of my pick-up items...

Ruby Kisses HD Gel Liner~ in RICH BLACK

This product is AMAZING! I've been sleeping on the GEL liner frenzy, because I love the precision I was getting with liquid felt tip liners, however, I wasn't feeling the fact that the BLACKness of it fades after a while and/or was not waterproof. Now, this liner~It's really creamy, the finish of it is matte, and it is REALLY black during application and after application. I did a swatch test of it the first time I got it, to see how it'll withstand possible events throughout my day...and I was impressed.

  • The top most image is when I first applied it.
  • The second image was what it looks like in attempt of me SCRUBBING the eyeliner off...because giving it a wet wipe was not cutting.
  • The third image you can clearly see, the irritation I had put my skin through(via the redness) in trying to take it off... but some of it was still there.

It literally took, a good 3minutes of me hard rubbing and scrubbing to remove it. Granted I wont do that when its on my eyes but still..

Nicka K NEW YORK Lipsticks w/ Vitamin E


 Its nothing new if you hadn't realized I'm becoming a feign for NK lipsticks. Like, literally loving the colors,payoff,the creamy texture, and wear. Before you know it, I may have the full line before the summer. As of now, I only have about 8 or 9 total out of the 50 or so more from the entire lipstick collection.

I've also been trying to track down a particular color which I think they might've discontinued. If I remember correctly it was called "Tango". The color was comparable to MAC's 'Playtime'.

 PROFUSION 18 Color Eyeshadow Palette

These are somewhat new old to me~ I've seen them around, but never wanted to give them a try considering their price and presentation. I underestimated them thinking that the color payoff would be sheer or just look ashy on me.


GUESS by Marciano Black Patent Oxford Shoes


It was love at first sight! I'm revamping my heel collection since I donated a good number of my shoes before Autumn, and was in dire need of some classic looking plain, low heel shoes.


Chunky Chain link Necklace in GOLD

Inspired by celebrities, and black fashion bloggers on tumblr.. I decided to cave in and purchase a nice chunky necklace for those days I want to look comfy,edgy,and just as if I have my own sense of style(LOL). It really goes well with the urban look trends that were popular last summer, and I think i'll be rocking it this spring and summer.

Skinny GOLD Plated Metal Belt

Another classic looking piece to dress up any dress or casual outfit.


  1. yes. dat Ruby Kisses gel = u= fuk I'm never going back to brand liners

  2. You use this?? This, elf, and another are all good drugstore brands.

  3. Yeah my niggie, this is the one I just bought when my Korean one finally dried up

  4. That beach fuchsia looks great in you!

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  6. Loving the Ruby Red lipstick!!

    Newest follower from The Beauty Blogger Bunch 


  7. Not tried gel liner yet but really want to! x

  8. Thank you~! Ruby red has been my favorite so far, in me wearing it so often with my blonde hair now. xD

  9. Oh~! when you get the time, you should!! no rush :)