Winter trends die hard...こんなの服買いたいんだけど・・

Posted by on Tuesday, February 5, 2013

During my downtime I really wasn't able to blog about the things I wanted to blog most and Spring is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Alot of brands I've discovered to be inspiration into revamping and refining my look, Non-japanese 2012/13 A/W Collections with potential for females into Gyaru fashion, good fashion topics on how to dress up or dress down key staple items in a wardrobe depending on your style,etc. A few BIG reasons why too..

Time management-- I need to work on this more. I setup a system,which I thought would be really great and not too much on me, however, my online dedication to posting something versus trying to get things done offline has not so much of a great value.
Consistency-- This also fell under my time management, but the main culprit in myself was lazyness. Not going to lie, I wanted to buy more supplies,record tutorial videos,go hang out more so than actually editing and posting the material I gathered.

So with that...I removed a lot of images from my albums,made collages from some images throughout my older posts to condense everything when I change the look of the blog. Moving forward, i'll post some of the trends and winter looks I was aiming for and going to show you guys and in the spirit of it all, im considering using some of these winter themes trends will be in collaboration with spring apparel as well.

First up, Fleamadonna. Fleamadonna is a south korean based fashion brand by Jei Kim, which is no stranger to the stars. I think alot of people sleep on korean fashion and label it 'bland','too normal','boring'--when they're basing it solely off of the looks of Forever21. STOP. To be frank, their designers get shaded because the pieces they put together usually ends up looking like artwork instead of just your everyday conventional clothing. If you watch or are into korean pop music, look into alot of spreads--if the backdrop looks like Willy Wonka and 50cent had a ménage à trois with Katy Perry while Mickey Mouse filmed it[lol], or cute and edgy? you've probably seen some of fleamadonnas work.

From the accessories to the footwear, the pieces have youth and versatility. If you like sleek shapes and dark colors, there is something for you. if you like bright themes w/ asymmetrical cuts, there something for you. If you just love looking cute,playful,doll like even w/ bit of urban flare... there's something for it all

For me, here are some of the looks I could dig from last year's a/w collection~funny enough, they're wearable for spring too.
Check out Yumetenbo's new MIX Coordinate vid~ totally reminded me of it!

Second--which kind of caught me off guard, but w/o a doubt intrigued me based on JUST the name itself. The japanese brand 'Transvestite'. Now.. I know it might seem abit weird to say that--but I only stuck around, because the overall concept of the brand and the name~are SO VERY different. I liked it. Established in 2005, they initially started off on handmade accessories and a few apparel. Now you can see their pieces in various online shops, some select shops around japan, and I think they may or may not branch out overseas... not too sure. But the clothing are quite unisex~

Here is a couple from their winter collection~ the concept for this collection was mainly 'Cocoon'

Next in my list, JohnLawrenceSulivan. Another japanese based brand by Arashi Yanagawa, however inspired by J.L.Sullivan~ the american boxer also known as 'Boston Strong Boy'. He created the brand to pay homage~seeing as he and Sullivan shared the same traits. JLS covers both menswear and womens wear~ the vast majority of the pieces are perfect for business attire, or if you love rocking tailored slacks to an evening event~ knock yourself out![wow, no pun intended on that one lol]

Here are some of the pieces i loved, and will be incorporating into my spring wardrobe. Especially seeing how the look is still in for the upcoming season...

A similar ensemble by the Gyaru brand EGOIST from their fall collection...with some more funky retro looks including suspenders,cropped trousers,ankle socks, and so forth

Check out more here!

I saved the good bit for last.. FURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSS. God you don't know how much I wanted to make a fur purchase this winter to look like a chocolate snow bunny. I still might pick up a faux fur collared capelet or collar by itself as H&M sold.

And while i'm at it, lets throw Diable Baiser's 2013 Spring Collection in the mix~

images from tumblr,kpopworld,taobao,and official hp


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