Spring Color Trends Pt2 + 100 Followers

Posted by on Friday, March 8, 2013

Long time no see~ alot has happened since my last post to the point where I got sidetracked from doing this post even though I had everything ready. However before I get into the shenanigans that is he main point of this blog, I would like to point out I've reached 100 followers! I've been thinking to myself for a while, even in the beginning of whether or not I should do a giveaway if I reach 100 or a giveaway to push through 100...well reaching 100 has already happened and I definitely want to be doing a giveaway in between 100 and 200 followers. Thanks everyone who hve been stalking my blog via bookmarks,google accounts,GFC,and bloglovin or tumblr!! Anywho, onto the post!

In this second part of the color spring color trends, I'll be touching on the matte,pastel, more of the tints and shades stemming from the primary RGB. I'm pretty sure most of you have already seen it in your stores~no matter where you shop-- online,in target,macys,jcpenny,f21 etc, aside from the blackxwhite pieces many stores this year are pushing the florals,the camo,and the soft take on the colors usually people tend to ignore throughout the year when it comes to fashion....

Here is a shot of Rose Bullet's spring catalog, with some coordinate ideas and some pieces from their collection.

I understand photoshop is used for catalogs or magazines and whatnot to enhance a product's color or look, but the peplum from the stock image versus the photo taken from the reel are like a make and break situation to me.

I love how they styled the model for showcasing the top for the outside photoshoot. It was like the top given the photo life and how they dressed around it really made it the focal point--however i'm not that much of a fan to the image they pasted up around online shopping malls where the model is just like 'blegh'. If I was just walking around the store and saw that as a poster for the new collection debut~I wouldn't stop in my tracks at all because it isnt working on her. Its not as cute as it could be...-sigh-

 Whatever, I still think it'll make a great addition to anyone's closet with a slim silhouette and long legs and better styling techniques.

Next are some coordinates for the most part I focused on alot of gyaru themes when it came to searching for outfits,whereas the ones I put together,were color oriented and something someone not into or into gal,black fashion,or any confident woman could wear~

This bit here actually were 2 different coordinates taken or made at 2 different times of the year, but somehow when I looked at one, it reminded me of the other. lol

Here are some styling clippings I took out of a BLENDA[?] issue, seeing as the color scheme was relevant to this year or the upcoming season.

A simple coordinate for a mixer and meeting the girls....

Coordinate for a date and another girl meet

Below are 2 of the 4 coordinates I made as inspiration for myself--another way to re-inforce putting more color into my closet...

Camo theme

Feminine romantic~

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